Anna Piotrowiak

«PIOTROWIAKDESIGN» designs and develops interiors, architectural details and furniture to the specific peculiarities of given interiors. In addition, I draw paintings using different techniques and on various themes as a complimentary feature to Your interior. Interior design is my passionate vocation, which I will gladly share with my investors. The basis of my design is a full familiarity with client’s necessities, requirements and expectations. Thanks to my imagination and mutual discussions we come up with unusual and atypical designs and projects that create special inner atmosphere and meet client’s necessities, expectations and requirements. The final stage of the work, whilst being carried out under my watchful eye, is the realization of your approved project. Thanks to working with the proven and experienced professionals all the details of the project are being perfected. Thanks to the Designer’s close supervision we endeavour to eliminate any possible inadequate eventualities in all areas of our design and its details.

I do designing of the following:

  • Separate premises such as: bathroom, kitchen, children’s room, bedroom, living room, and many others.
  • Complete sourcing of inner interior of dwellings: houses, apartments, residences.
  • Furniture, its components and elements of small architecture: partitions, screens, fireplaces, and more.
  • Draw paintings and drawings for a specific accommodation or to order.

I endeavour to create a space in which you will feel happy and comfortable and which will give you its charm, unique atmosphere, and the space which you will really want to go back to. I share with you my knowledge and expertise, creating the Art of Living Space that allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of today’s busy world. In the Interior Design projects I always take into account your suggestions, whilst adding a handful of talent from me together with my skill to combine aesthetic textures, materials, and a variety of styles thus creating for You the interior full of inspiration for every day of the happy life.

I sincerely invite you to work with us!